WOD 12/20

Max Effort Upper Bodydimitry klokov and andrea ager

Seated Shoulder Press : 1 Rep Max

Bench Press 3×10


20 Front Squats, 205/145 lbs
30 Box Jumps, 30/24 in
40 Kettlebell Swings, 53/35 lbs
50 Wall Balls, 20/14 lbs


Triceps press 4×15

Тренировка дня 12/18

Максимальных усилий Нижняя часть тела

Становая тяга: 1 ПМ


21-15-9-6 повторений, на время:

Гребной винт, 95/65 фунта
Колени до локтя


Прямо ноги сумо тяга



WOD 12/17

High Hang Power Snatch 4×4 at 70% 1RM Hang Power Clean & Jerk 4×4 at 70% 1RM Every missed lift in the skill sections owes the trainer 10 burpees after the lifts and before the WOD.  Als0 70% is 70%. Then: Every 1 min for 10 mins do: 5 Squat Cleans, 165/105 lbs 10 Burpees…

WOD 12/14

Snatch Technique Practice Every 1 min for 10 mins: 3 Squat Snatches, 60% 1RM Stay at 60% and work for perfect movement.  A 10 burpee penalty for each missed rep will be assessed after the completion of the 10th set. If you miss strength movements more than a few times a month please read this…

Stop Missing Reps NOW

We all love to lift heavy stuff. Lifting a weight you have never lifted before is gives us a huge rush, sense of satisfaction and massive ego boost. (If you don’t agree you are either lying or need to do Les Mills body pump instead of CrossFit). So while there is nothing better than getting…


WOD 12/13

Dynamic Effort Upper Bodycfi35equipment

Push Press 10×3 at 70% 1RM

Bench Press (close grip) 10-10-10


3 rounds for time of:
7 Burpee Pull Ups
7 Handstand Push-ups
7 Push Jerks, 115/75 lbs


4×20 Triceps Press

WOD 12/12

Power Clean 1 RM max weightcrossfitpiggyback

Clean Pulls 5 x 2


Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 mins of:
5 Deadlifts, 115/75 lbs
5 Power Cleans, 115/75 lbs
5 Push Press, 115/75 lbs
5 Back Squats, 115/75 lbs


Plank Holds 3 x Max Time