CrossFit I35 WOD 1/10/2020

Warmup   5 Minutes For Quality* 5 Push-up to Down Dog 10 Straight Leg Sit-ups 15 Second Front Plank on Hands 20 Lateral Hops Over Barbell   *In other words quoting the CrossFit sacred texts. Mechanics Consistency Intensity   In other words, don’t hurry or as some might say CrossFit the S*** out of it.…

CrossFit I35 WOD 1/9/2020

Warmup   30 Seconds Box Step-ups Med ball Foot Taps Active Samson Lateral Box Step-ups (30 Seconds Each Leg) Med ball Deadlifts Active Spidermans Inchworm to Push-up   Mobility   Child’s Pose on Box: 1 Minute Ankle Stretch on Box: 1 Minute Each Side   Barbell Warm Ups   Strength   Pausing Push Jerk Heavy…

CrossFit I35 WOD 1/7/2020

Warmup   30 Seconds Each Single Unders Active Spidermen Glute Bridges Single Unders Frog Hops Single-Leg Glute Bridge (30 Seconds Each Side) Single Unders Slow Burpees Glute Bridge Walkouts   Barbell Warmups   Front Rack Stretch: 1 Minute Wrist Stretch: 30 Seconds Each Direction   Classic I35 Warmup   Then   AMRAP 15:   30…

CrossFit I35 WOD 1/6/2020

Warmup 3 Rounds 30 Seconds Each: PVC Pass Throughs Inchworm to Push-up PVC Overhead Squats Active Samson *Attempt to Get More Narrow on PVC Pipe with Each Round MOBILITY  Banded Lat Stretch: 1 Minute Each Side Banded Pike Stretch: 1 Minute GYMNASTICS MOVEMENTS Switching our body from an arch position to a hollow position is…

CrossFit I35 WOD 1/4/2020

Complete as many rounds as possible in 12 mins of:
30 Pull-ups
30 Toes-to-bars
30 Handstand Push-ups
30 Burpees
2018 CrossFit Team Series Event 2
For time:
20 Synchronized Squat Cleans, 135/95 lbs
20 Synchronized Squat Cleans, 185/125 lbs
20 Synchronized Squat Cleans, 225/155 lbs
Time cap: 7 mins

CrossFit I35 WOD 1/3/2020

Warmup 1 Minute Each Active Samson Active Spidermans Push-up to Down Dog Then   30 Seconds Each Side Performed With Light Dumbbell Single Dumbbell Deadlift Single Dumbbell Reverse Lunges (Hold Goblet Style) Single Dumbbell Strict Press   Practice Round With Workout Weight and Height 10 Double Unders 4 Single Dumbbell Box Step-ups 4 Single Dumbbell…