Barbell Club 2/05/14

Back Squat with Pause Press Behind Neck Press Behind Neck with Snatch Grip You’ve heard me say time and time again that you can’t move a heavy weight slow.  Check out this video of Shane Hamman powerlifter turned Olympic lifter. Shane’s second and third squats were both IPF world superheavyweight records in 1994. Check out…

Barbell Club 1/27/14

Bulgarian Clean and Jerk 10×1 at 85%

Clean Pull 7×2 at 120%

Front Squat 7×3 at 90%

Press Behind Neck 4×4 at 85%

Straight Leg GHD

All lifts are based on percent of actual Clean and Jerk
All Presses are based upon front rack press
Squats are based upon squats

Barbell Club 1/25/14

A comparison of Dmitry Klokov’s clean technique with 210kg and 220kg. The pics with a shirt on are 210kg and the others are 220kg. He did this in the morning prior to Day 2 (Dec 17, 2013) of the Dream Team seminar at Waxman’s Gym.     Clean and Jerk 12×1 Front Squat 8×3…