CrossFit I35 WOD 11/7/16

Deload week!  Seriously deload week.  There are some long and hard workouts here BUT that doesn’t mean kill them at 100% intensity.  Hardcore CF peeps reluctantly understand the need to back off the weight for a week but that mindset often goes out the window when the coach says 3.2.1 go.  So go hard but…

CrossFit I35 WOD 11/5/16

Strength Wendler Press Cycle Week 3 5 @ 75 3 @ 85 AMRAP @ 95% Then Mile High Fun With a partner of similar skill, complete the following for time: 1 mile med ball run (20/14), one med ball per team 5,000/3,500 lb snatch total 200 double unders 80 wall balls (20/14) 1,609.4 m row…

CrossFit I35 WOD 11/4/16

Strength//Skill Wendler Deadlift Cycle Week 3 5 @ 75 3 @ 85 AMRAP @ 95% Don’t forget David Fleming will be here November 12th and 13th.  Early registration ends Saturday and there are a few spots still left.  Don’t miss this opportunity to bring your lifts to the next level SIGN UP HERE Then 1)…


ALT EMOM for 12 Minutes

1 rep Pause Hang Power Snatch from knee up to 90%
Pressouts are misses.  Keep USAW and IWF standards.

8 Bar Facing Burpees


3 rounds for time of:
10 Strict Knees-to-elbows
10 Power Snatches, 115/85 lbs
10 Strict Knees-to-elbows
10 Burpees


Easy but long Run

CrossFit I35 WOD 10/28/16

Barbells For Boobs Day at CrossFit I35 Strength Wendler Deadlift Cycle Week 2 3 @ 70% 3 @ 80% AMRAP @ 90% Then WEEK 5 POWERED BY REEBOK RAISE $1200 AND EARN YOUR BFB REEBOK CROSSFIT SPEED TR AND GIVE FIFTEEN PEOPLE THE RIGHT TO KNOW Fundraising Tip: Challenge your fundraisers and yourself! Commit to…