CrossFit I35 WOD 1/15/16

Strength/Skill 10X1 Snatch @ 85% – rest exactly 45 seconds Then 15 Minute AMRAP 15 Row for Calories 15 HSPU (kipping is allowed – open standards from ’15) 15 OHS 115/75# Buyout 4X1:00 ME Double-Unders (the goal is to speed up your tempo and get as many reps as possible in 1:00, not just do…

CrossFit I35 WOD 1/11/16

Open season is here and this week’s workouts represent high intensity and high volume in all 3 energy systems.  If you have any questions ask your coach about scaling options.   Strength/Skill Every 1:30 for 9:00 (7 total sets): 3 Position Squat Snatch Add weight every set working toward a max on the 5th or…

CrossFit I35 WOD 1/9/16

10 rounds for time of:
10 Burpee Box Jumps, 24/20 in
20 Kettlebell Swing (American)s, 24/16 kg
Rest, 1 min
Go hard every round.  Don’t game this one.


Death by Overhead Squat @.5 bodyweight


Shoulder Press 1×5 at 65% 1RM
Shoulder Press 1×5 at 75% 1RM
Shoulder Press 1×5+ at 85% 1RM

CrossFit I35 WOD 1/7/15

Strength/Skill Every 1 min for 5 mins: Squat Clean & Jerk 2 Squat Clean & Jerks, 75% 1RM Immediately followed by with no break Every 1 min for 5 mins: Squat Clean & Jerk 1 Squat Clean & Jerk, 95% 1RM* *95% is 95% not a lifetime max.  Sorry.  But if you go for it and…

CrossFit I35 WOD 1/6/16

Strength Bench Press 1×5 at 65% 1RM Bench Press 1×5 at 75% 1RM Bench Press 1×5+ at 85% 1RM Then Bear Complex 7-7-7-7-7 The Bear is a deadly five-lift complex consisting of a power clean, front squat, push press, back squat, and second push press. Completion of all five lifts counts as one rep. Perform five…