CrossFit I35 WOD 5/10/18

Mobility Thursday Neck and Shoulders Then 5-minute AMRAP of Wall Balls 30/20 lb Immediately followed by 2 rounds of: 10 Cleans, 185 / 125 lb. 10 bar facing burpees Then, 2 rounds of: 10 Cleans, 135 / 95 lb. 10 bar facing burpees Total Time Cap 15 minutes If you look like a high school…

CrossFit I35 WOD 5/8/18

Watch this several times before you arrive. Strength/Skill Every 2:00 for 10:00 1 Squat Clean and Split Jerk* *Go as heavy as you can without pressing out the bar. Pressouts are misses. If you press out the bar you must drop weight. In other words, don’t add weight after a miss and don’t quit on a…

CrossFit I35 WOD 5/4/18


Wendler Deadlift
Week 1
5 @ 65%
5 @ 75%
5 @ 85%


5 rounds for time:
4 muscle-ups
7 handstand push-ups
12 kettlebell snatches 24/16


5 x 8 Superset Seated Triceps extensions with Seated Dumbbell Presses
(A superset is one exercise that is immediately followed by another without rest in-between)

CrossFit I35 WOD 5/3/18

Mobility Thursday Ankles Then For 5 cycles: AMRAP in 3 mins of: 3 Power Cleans, 135/95 lbs 6 Push-ups 9 Air Squats Rest 1 min between each cycle. Each year in the United States Navy, a highly qualified and elite cadre of Sailors are selected and promoted to the join the ranks of Chief Petty…

CrossFit I35 WOD 4/30/18

Strength Ok, deload week is over and the weights are getting heavier again. Hopefully, you took advantage of the lower percentages to reset your squat depth for this mesocycle. Wendler Squat Cycle Week 1 5 @ 65% 5 @ 75% 5 @ 85% Then 4 rounds for time of: 15 C2B Pullups 20 Deadlifts 155/105…

CrossFit I35 WOD 4/28/18

The WOD to End Veteran Suicide is next Saturday the 5th. Due to the length of this workout, we will have only one CrossFit class and no re:Boot to follow. Strength Wendler Deadlift Cycle Week 4 5 @ 40% 5 @ 50% 5 @ 60% Dropping the bar is a no rep. Powerlifting, not CrossFit movement standards.…