Ever since I first walked into a CrossFit gym back in 2009 I knew that this was not just the cynthia lofquist at the nerman museum art teacher and CrossFit Level i instructoranswer to my fitness goals but something I needed to be involved in for a long time. I have learned that with a high intensity workout a person can open themselves up mentally and emotionally to bigger and greater things. Soon after committing to CrossFit I started to achieve some simple goals such as fitting into my clothes better, getting leaner, and having more energy for life in general. I want to share my journey and understanding for the process to inspire and to say that it just keeps getting better.

My professional resume includes having a master’s degree in education which I currently use to teach elementary art in the public school system and a museum setting. As a teacher I feel my unique contribution will be the same as it is in my classroom, working with my athletes to learn techniques, processes, and concepts that enhance their understanding of functional movement…oh yea, while trying to have a little fun and enjoying being part of a strong community.

I earned my CrossFit Level I in San Diego last Spring with top ranking coaches and learned about Movement, Mobility, & Maintenance with the amazing Kelly Starrett, DPT, through CrossFit. For the last two years I had held the Title of Kansas State Champion in both the Clean and Jerk and the Snatch. Somewhere in between I attained the sport specific USAW Level 1 Coach with the wise Tom Cross. My latest life changing experience and certification was with Jeff Martone when we hosted a National Kettlebell Certification right here at CrossFit I35. I also just completed my CrossFit Kids Certification with a vision to establish a CrossFit Kids Program for the gym.

All of this awesomeness could not have been accomplished without my husband’s encouragement, knowledge, and dead on coaching. I’m truly lucky to have this opportunity to meet so many amazing people and share my passion for learning while continuing to evolve as an athlete and trainer.

CrossFit I35 along with Xtreme Strength and Kettlebell is an awesome place for people of all ages and abilities to come and achieve their fitness goals. CrossFit is the perfect training vehicle for anyone from a 45 year old woman wanting to lose 45 pounds to the 30 year old ex-professional athlete who still has something left to express at the elite level. It’s totally awesome to finally be part of a CrossFit Affiliate as both owner and coach. I’m very excited because CrossFit, Kettlebells and athletic conditioning continue to improve my life and the lives of my husband and kids alike.

Cynthia is certified in the following:

CrossFit Level II Instructor
CrossFit Level I Kettlebell Instructor
CrossFit Mobility Certified
CrossFit Kids
United States Weightlifting Level I Certified Coach

Cynthia is also the 2011 and 2012 63 kilo state champion in Olympic weightlifting and former Roller Derby Jammer.


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