“Who Else Wants to Look Great, Feel Awesome, Get Super Strong and Crush any Athletic Challenge?”

NOW Is Your Opportunity To Take Total Control Once and for All

Hope that got your attention.  Nutrition can be the most confusing area of fitness with everything from low carb, Paleo, South Beach, Atkins, Zone and the list goes on and on.  What makes matters so difficult is that every author of these diets or eating plans has a very compelling well-thought argument about why they are the best.  Most of them have success stories ranging from massive weight loss, awesome muscle gains, explosive CrossFit performance and some cases cures for crohn’s disease and even cancer.  The truth is that everyone of these programs have people who have succeeded beyond their wildest expectations and others who failed miserably and ended up fatter and depressed for the effort.

Now that I’ve listed a few plans that you’ve probably heard of or tried here are a few that have a higher failure rate than all of the above put together,

  1. I watch what I eat
  2. I eat healthy
  3. I eat clean

So how are those working for you?

I will say without a doubt everyone who succeeded on any diet or food plan is that they mastered the two guidelines outlined below.

In the course of my career, I’ve looked what works and how to create and execute a successful plan.  Before I share the links to the details I’m going to give you some very broad brushstrokes about our philosophy in general.



1.  Stop eating crap.  Ok, I said it. Every day someone comes up to sometimes in tears about how they have to get their food dialed in because they are either tired of being fat, overweight with poor workout performance and wod times.  That same person two days later armed with our advice to stop eating crap either posts or tweets a picture of their chili cheese nacho manwich delight with oreo cookie deserts.  There are others who post a check in at various high-calorie bars and restaurants multiple times a week.  So in short if you aren’t willing to stop eating crap we can’t help you.  Period! Sorry but that’s the way it is.  Brutal and honest.  In fact, if that’s the only dietary change you ever made 80-85% of everyone reading this will achieve every diet-related fitness goal.  It ain’t rocket surgery boys and girls.

steak and vegetables are the staple of the paleo diet

Good Stuff albeit a massive portion

2.  A well-structured performance diet promises and to be honest delivers on stabilizing energy levels, reducing inflammation, relieving gut pain, eliminating constipation and diarrhea etc.  That’s awesome stuff and from personal experience, I know it to be true.  However, I can’t tell you that how many people I have worked with in my career that say, “I eat great.  I’ve cut out all the crap and with rare exception eat (Paleo, organic, vegan, subway etc.) and I continue to stay fat”.  Here’s the problem.  It’s still calories in vs calories out.  It’s a simple math.  If you consume more calories than you consume you will gain weight…period.  If you are eating mass quantities of Paleo or organic 5000 calories a day is still 5000 calories a day.  I’m not advocating the old school exercise more and eat nothing because overwork and deprivation create a different set of no results problems.  Just remember it’s not rocket surgery and do the math.  Too much is simply too much.

Again no crap is the simplest and most highly productive step you can take.  Getting the exact calories, macronutrients and timing is a little trickier but it still shouldn’t be overwhelming.

If you really want to get this part of your fitness program and life in order, it’s time to stop reading and start doing.  Better yet feel free to contact us for private nutritional planning sessions.

Lift Heavy and Move Fast (and follow your food plan), My Friends,

Scott and Cynthia Lofquist

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