CrossFit I35 WOD 7/19/17

Strength/Skill Every 2 mins for 12 mins do: 1 3 Position Squat Clean and 1 Split Jerk Work as heavy as possible but no pressouts. Work as heavy as possible without any misses. Again pressouts are as much of a miss as not being able to budge the bar off the floor. Unless there is…


CrossFit I35 WOD 7/18/17

Strength/Skill EMOM Squat Waveload 8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 Warm up to very heavy set of 8 then with the same weight drop on rep every minute. Then For time: 25 Double Unders 20 Kettlebell Snatch (one arm – L)s, 24/16 kg 20 Kettlebell Snatch (one arm – R)s, 24/16 kg 25 Double Unders 15 Kettlebell Snatch (one arm…


CrossFit I35 WOD 7/17/2017

Strength/Skill Every 2 mins for 12 mins:  3 Position Squat Snatch, pick load You will most likely be limited by the amount of weight you can handle from the power position. Remember in the power position knees are out and forward and shoulders stay behind the bar. Work as heavy as possible but don’t add…


CrossFit I35 WOD 7/15/17

For time:
100 Power Cleans, 155/105 lbs

Starting at 3,2,1 GO perform 5 burpees every minute on the minute until 100 power cleans are complete.

Options are alternate minutes with a partner.

IF you choose to do the workout with a partner feel free to scale up the weight.

CrossFit I35 WOD 7/14/17

Strength/Skill EMOM 1 Squat Snatch. Begin @ 60% of 1RM – add 15/10# each minute until consecutive misses occur – do not add weight after a miss. After consecutive misses, subtract 15/10# each minute, but add a rep. I.E. 2 misses @ 245, hit 230# on the next minute for a double, the next minute…


CrossFit I35 WOD 7/13/17

While I prefer the bar on the back as in the picture with Dimitry this is a great article on proper use of the ghd. In this article Greg Everett states that, “If one of your problems with the Olympic lifts is a weak back arch, that needs to become a focus for you in…


CrossFit I35 WOD 7/12/17

Strength/Skill NFL Combine Bench Press Test As many unbroken reps as possible as Rx – 225/95 Scaled* – 185/65 *If the scaled numbers are close to your even 5 rep max, warm up choose a weight that you think you can do a minimum of 10 reps, Then 5 rounds for time of: 3 Rope…


CrossFit I35 WOD 7/11/17

Strength/Skill Squat Take 20 Minutes to determine 20 rep max* Warm up to a solid set of ten then load the bar for the set of 20. It should be a max effort so if you fail at 17 or have to go to 22 or 23 thats fine. If you do 20 and say,…


CrossFit I35 WOD 7/10/17

Strength/Skill Alternating Every Other Minute for 12 Minutes 8 Bar facing burpees 1 power clean (work as heavy as possible) Then Air Force For time with 4 Burpees Every Minute on the Minute: 20 Thrusters, 95/65 20 Sumo Deadlift High Pulls, 95/65 20 Push Jerks, 95/65 20 Overhead Squats, 95/65 20 Front Squats, 95/65 Buyout…


CrossFit I35 WOD 7/8/17

Benchmark Saturday Power Elizabeth 21-15-9 reps, for time of: Power Clean, 135/95 Ring Dip* *Scale to ring pushups or pushups on the deck. No bands on rings Rest 10 Minutes Isabel For time: 30 Snatches, 135/95 lbs Rest 10 Minutes Fran 21-15-9 reps, for time of: Thrusters 95/65 Pullups Absolute 10 minute time limit on each…