We’re so excited to have Dawn Wheeler teaching Yoga on Thursday nights at 6:30. First class is always free and all classes are free to CrossFit I35 members.

We also have Yoga only punch cards which you can purchase here. So you don’t have to do CrossFit to do Yoga with us.

3 Classes $20

5 Classes $25

Here’s more about Dawn.

I began to take my fitness seriously about 10 years ago when I began walking around my neighborhood and then progressed to jogging.  In 2010, a friend invited me to a Zumba class and I fell in love! A year later I had my Zumba Instructor Certificate and was teaching four times per week.  In 2013, I was invited (coerced) by a friend and fellow Zumba instructor to come try CrossFit. Thinking I was in great shape, I bought the Groupon and went to an on-ramp class and found out I was sadly mistaken!  I have been doing CrossFit for over five years now and incorporated Yoga into my training three years ago. Yoga and CrossFit go hand-in-hand together; working in harmony to promote strength, stamina, flexibility and mobility.IMG_0118